Spokane Historic Essay Competition


Spokane history is really the story of the people who live here. Help tell that story. Back In Time is your chance to learn about a no-longerliving Spokane resident, it could even be your own family member. What was life in Spokane like for this person? What interests you about their life? The contest is open to all Middle School students living in Spokane County. 
To explore our great community and the amazing people who have written Spokane’s story, of course. But fame and fortune is available as well. Winners get cash prizes and will be invited to repeat their presentations for the public during Fairmount Memorial Association’s Memorial Day weekend events. 
Write an essay of five pages or less about your chosen person. How did they impact Spokane and what was the city like during their lifetime? Work independently or with a group of friends. If you need help selecting a person to research check out any of the cemeteries of the Fairmount Memorial Association and just pick a grave marker.


E-mail your essay to jasona@pnwcremation.com by April 1, 2020.
Finalists will be invited to give a five-minute live presentation in May before our judges.
We hope you’ll use visual aids, costumes and other fun stuff to help us learn about your person.

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