Did you know, one in five Americans has cremated remains in their home, with no plans to memorialize? After a cremation, many families have no plans to place their loved one in a cemetery, memorialize in a decorative urn or scatter at their loved one's favorite spot.


Join Fairmount Memorial Association on 

Friday, September 24


for Scatter Day. 

Families who come to our cemeteries on Scatter Day will get the opportunity to create a memorable experience to meet their needs. If you have ashes or have inherited an urn with remains of a loved one and just don't know what to do, fill out the form below or call Fairmount Memorial Park office at 509.326.3800 to make an appointment for placing your loved one's ashes on Scatter Day.

This event is free. Families must RSVP to the cemetery office to schedule a free scattering during Scatter Day 2021. Space is limited.

Thanks for contacting us!
A representative from Fairmount Memorial Association will respond to your message as soon as is possible.  
Scattering services provided from 10:00am to 2:00pm on September 14, 2019.
All denominations and faiths welcome
For a limited time
Sunset Chapel

Fairmount Memorial Park

Riveside Memorial Park

Spokane Memorial Gardens

South Pines Cemetery

Greenwood Memorial Terrace

Pines Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery

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