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Fairmount Memorial Association is here to guide you through the process of memorialization. It is our belief that every life lived deserves to be celebrated.  Whether it is to lend a helpful and comforting hand at the time of need, or for planning ahead the gentlest most loving gift for the loved ones left behind; it will be our privilege to serve you.  

On this page we provide information and resources to help you understand the advantages for pre-planning you funeral, cemetery and memorial options.


Prearranging ones cemetery and funeral plans in advance allows for the opportunity to compare the many available options and to ensure that one’s wishes are met.  You have the time to consider the locations, memorial options, monuments, markers and all the other elements that best define your legacy and the relationships of the ones closest to you throughout your life.   


Pre-arrangement provides another type of legacy: a gift to family members and loved ones relieved of financial and emotional decisions.  Your commitment to create a plan will relieve family members of making emotionally difficult decisions when they are suffering from a loss.  Through the process of pre-arrangement, pre-funding will insure that funeral expenses will be paid for; with arrangements being made at a time when ones financial setting is more predictable.  Pre-planning is a true and gentle gift to loved ones, easing the burden for those left behind.


Whether you desire a cremation or traditional casket burial, to accompany a spouse or other family member, a beautiful monument to be enjoyed by others or a more subtle choice, these decisions are easier to make sooner - rather than later.


While you may have considered your preferences, if you are like most people it isn't something you have discussed with  family or next of kin.  Sadly, this not only creates a burden on loved ones, but your desires for the type of memorial you wish to have is left unspoken and, likely, unfulfilled.


Creating a plan allows you to choose where you want your memorial to be.   


You may want to ensure your memorial is in the same park as other family members, or near a neighborhood you lived in.

Pre-planning your funeral and cemetery arrangements not only reduces doubt and anxiety, but its also a powerful act of caring as your decisions and plans relieve family members of making emotionally difficult decisions when they are suffering from a loss.  Through the process of pre-arrangement, pre-funding will insure that funeral expenses will be paid for; with arrangements being made at a time when ones financial setting is more predictable.  Pre-planning is a true and gentle gift to loved ones, easing the burden for those left behind.


When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.

– William James


Understanding your options and preparing your cemetery and funeral plans isn't something you have to do on your own:  Family Care Representatives from Fairmount Memorial Association can help you understand all of your options, provide informed answers and alternatives, and help you move towards creating a plan.


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Fairmount Memorial Association is pleased to provide a Pre-Planning and Bereavement Guide.


Pre-planning is simply the process of drawing up plans for a funeral before they are needed. It involves gathering a variety of family information and making decisions about the type of service you want (e.g. where the funeral itself should take place, and who might participate).

The guide also provides important and necessary tools and information to assist you in managing different decisions when a death occurs.  To receive your complimentary Pre-Planning and Bereavement Guide, simply share some basic information below.

Pre-Planning Funerals Memorials Last Wis


Your privacy is important to us and your information will not be sold or shared with any other organizations. 



If I have already purchased my property, can I still pre-pay for my burial and funeral service?

Yes, pre-arrangements can still be made for the burial and funeral service.

Are payment options available for those choosing to “pre-plan”?

Yes, payment options are available.

What happens if I have purchase property and I decide to move?

The actual dollar value can be transferred to any ICCFA participating cemetery or you may choose to sell the property privately. Please contact us for additional information.


Why are cemeteries important?

Throughout time, cemeteries have provided those who have lost loved ones with a place to go visit, to reflect and to heal. Providing, permanence, security and historical connection with one’s past. There can be no measurement for the gravity of one’s loss. Everyone is unique. Time is the key element in the process of healing. Memorialization at any one of our Fairmount Memorial Association cemeteries will insure a peaceful, serene and well cared for resting place for the remainder of time.

What cemetery should I use?

The cemetery that you choose should be one that is meaningful to you and your loved one. A location that is comfortable and convenient for family and friends to visit, one that is carefully maintained to respectfully honor the deceased.

Is burial space becoming rare in the Spokane area?

In some areas of the country, land burial may be becoming rare. Fairmount Memorial Association has developed just under 350 acres and has available and yet to be developed approximately 400 more acres of land. With continued careful planning, we will be able to serve families for hundreds of years to come.

When can I visit the cemetery?

Fairmount Memorial Association cemeteries are open and welcome visitation during day light hours. Gate openings vary with the natural day light hours from early morning to dusk. Our business offices hours are: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. and Saturdays 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

What is the cost of a lot?

Cemetery property price will vary throughout the cemetery based upon the location of the chosen plot. Please contact one of our one of our Fairmount Memorial Association office locations for assistance.

What if I don't want a traditional funeral?

All cemeteries can provide Direct Burial or Direct Disposition, the transferring and care of the deceased with the processing of the final documentation without visitation or services. It is your wishes that we wish to carry out. We invite you however, to consider a celebration of life for your family and friends. Such a celebration is available without requiring the presence of your remains. Memorial services are often the first step in the process of healing. Life celebrations help those left behind, to move forward.

Is cremation necessary for Direct Disposition?

No, cremation is not required for Direct Disposition.

What is Endowment Care?

Endowment Care is a state required fund set up to provide income for cemetery park maintenance. A portion of the purchase price for cemetery property is set aside into an Endowment Care trust fund. Only the earnings from this trust can be withdrawn to care for the cemetery.

How can I be sure that Endowment Care will take care of the cemetery?

No Guarantee can be offered. The Endowment Care funds are carefully managed to grow and produce funds and are regulated by state law. Only the income earned by the managed funds can be withdrawn and used for maintenance and care of the cemetery.

Why is an outer burial container (vault) necessary?

The vault is designed to keep the casket or urn protected from the elements of nature. In addition to preserving the beauty of the casket or urn, the outer burial container helps to maintain the beauty and integrity of the cemetery grounds.

May we witness the lowering of the casket?

Witnessing of the casket can be accommodated. This desire should be communicated to your Fairmount Memorial Family Service Representative so that your wishes may be met.

What is an ‘Open and Closing’ charge?

The Opening and Closing charge is a fee collected for the opening/preparing of the site prior to entombment and the restoration of the site to its original state. This cost may vary depending on whether the preparation is for a ground burial or a niche, and whether it is for full body or cremated remains. The fee is also used to defray the considerable amount of administrative work involved: verification of ownership, interment permission, verification/marking the site and the processing of the permanent records.

Does the government provide a deceased veteran any cemetery benefits?

The United States government will provide head stones and markers for the honorably discharged. A copy of the veterans DD214 will be requested for verification. Flat markers options are: bronze, granite or marble. Upright memorials made of marble are also available. This choice must fall within the cemetery guidelines for placement of upright memorials. Niche markers are also among the available options. Representatives from any of our cemetery offices are happy to assist in this process.

Is an outer burial container necessary for a casketed burial?

Outer burial containers may not be required by law. However, each cemetery has their set regulations. At Fairmount Memorial cemeteries outer burial containers are essential. The use of an outer container is important for preserving the overall appearance of the cemetery grounds. Without the container, continual settling of the grounds would make the park sites unsightly.

What is a Mausoleum?

A Mausoleum is a building designed to be an indoor, final resting place. Mausoleums can be smaller, designed for individual families/generations or a larger community mausoleum. Remains will always be kept dry and protected from the elements of nature.

How does the cost of a Mausoleum compare to a traditional ground burial?

Interment in a mausoleum or crypt (entombment in an above ground structure) is more costly than a traditional ground burial. The above ground in or outdoor interment as well as the traditional ground burial prices may vary due to location and/or the cost of the merchandise selected.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a multiple unit structure designed to inter cremated remains. This structure may be found indoors or outdoors.


What is cremation?

Cremation is the process where high heat and flames are used to reduce a body to remains.

Is a casket necessary for cremation?

No, caskets are not required for cremation. Washington State only requires that an alternative container usually constructed of fiber board or composition material be used to contain the body. The container is cremated with the body.

Why is it important to memorialize cremated remains?

Cremated remains deserve a final resting place of peace, tranquility and honor; no different from a casketed burial. Final resting places honor loved ones and give family and friends a place to visit. Recovering from a loss of a loved one has no time-line. Placement for memorialization gives those left behind a place to visit as often as necessary. Often-times providing the peace that is necessary to move on. Memorialization honors the deceased and for the living, is the gentle bridge to healing.

Must one embalm prior to cremation?

It is not necessary to embalm prior to cremation. If there will be a delayed viewing prior to cremation; embalming may want to be considered.

How do I know if I have received the remains of my loved one?

Fairmount Memorial Association cemeteries, Heritage Funeral & Cremation, and Pacific Northwest Cremation have in place stead-fast operating policies and procedures to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of services rendered. Strict adherence to established operational standards provide multiple check points to reduce the possibility of human error.

How long is the cremation process?

The process can vary from 1 – 3 hours. Several variables can affect the timing.

Will I receive all of the cremated remains?

All remains that are able to be removed from the cremation chamber will be returned to the family.

Is it possible to do two cremations at one time?

No; it is illegal to perform more than one cremation at a time.

Is it necessary to purchase an urn?

One is not required to purchase an urn. If entombment is planned at a cemetery or if a memorial service is planned, one may want to purchase an urn and/or an outer burial container. Without the purchase of an urn, the remains will be returned in a temporary plastic container. Fairmount Memorial Association has a nice selection of urns to meet individual needs.

Are family members allowed to witness the cremation?

Yes, Heritage Funeral & Cremation is able facilitate the viewing of the cremation process.

Is ground burial available for cremated remains?

Yes, ground burial is an option. Please contact one of our cemetery offices for more information.

Is there a substantial difference in price between cremation and traditional burial?

Traditional Burial is generally more expensive than cremation. The extent to the difference between cremation and traditional burial will vary depending on how elaborate ones wishes are.

What memorialization options are available for cremated remains?

Cremated remains can be memorialized at the cemetery of your choice. Fairmount Memorial Cemeteries offer in-ground burials, above ground indoor or outdoor niche entombment as well as scattering of ashes at any one of our beautiful scattering gardens.

Is it possible to place an urn in with a spouse’s casket?

Yes, it is possible to place an urn in with a casket. For the second placement, Fairmount Memorial reserves the right to charge a second use fee for record keeping and memorialization. Please contact us for further second interment information.

For a cremation service; does the memorial happen before or after the cremation?

The memorial service may happen either before or after the cremation. This is strictly dependent on the wishes of the family.


Why have a funeral or memorial service?

Through testaments of time; Fairmount Memorial recognizes that a funeral or a memorial service plays an important role in the mourning process; providing a safe, caring and supportive environment for family and friends to share feelings and thoughts; the critical first steps of the healing process. A ‘Rite of Passage’; just as a child is welcomed into the world, as a couple unites; the closing celebration of a life lived is well deserved. Whether traditional burial or cremation, the rite of a funeral or memorial service can gently embrace the bereaved with:

  • Social support
  • A gentle haven for the expression of grief
  • A supportive pathway to rejoin ones community
  • The time needed to say good-bye
  • Closure
These are just a few tiny yet giant steps towards moving forward in life.

What type of memorial service should be planned?

At Fairmount Memorial, we know that the needs and desires of each family are as unique as they are special. Memorial celebrations should meet the needs and customs of the surviving family. Religious preferences and family traditions may influence whether the service will be private or public, simple or more elaborate, as well as the chosen location. Other decisions made by the family are:

  • Is there a chapel to hold our service?
  • Will the casket be open or closed?
  • Will the remains be buried or cremated?
  • May we witness the lowering?
  • Can the family participate and how?
  • Will remains be entombed in a grave or crypt?
  • Will cremated remains be buried in a grave or interred in a niche?

Can I pre-arrange for my funeral service?

Yes, Fairmount Memorial recommends pre-arrangement. Making ones final arrangements in advance will not only insure that your wishes are met but will also relieve family members of making emotionally difficult decisions when they are suffering from a loss. Through the process of prearrangement, pre-funding will insure that funeral expenses will be paid for; with arrangements being made at a time when ones financial setting is more predictable. Pre-planning; a gift to loved ones, easing the burden for those left behind.