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Multiple generations are provided an enduring legacy with these special places of honor.   A variety of customized and individualized options can be created to suite your family's desires and wishes for memorialization.  For questions about establishing a Family Estate at one of Fairmount Memorial Associations parks, speak with a Family Representative at a park of your choice.

Family Estates


A private mausoleum is a grand statement.  A distinctive and classical architectural tribute to an individual or family legacy.  Typically incorporating elements of Greek or Roman Gothic design, these monuments are distinct works of customized design on the cemetery grounds.   The preferred choice of the leading citizens of an earlier era, they are still (though not as frequently) the choice for families of means and desire to leave a lasting landmark that will stand out for ages to come.

Private Mausoleums


Fairmount Memorial Association is Spokane’s only “local-community owned premier cemetery organization.”  With 7 cemetery parks serving Spokane and Spokane Valley, we offer memorial services, burial and cremation options, grief support and at-need and pre-arrangement services.

Fairmount Memorial Association believes it is our honor to serve your family, and we will exceed your expectations.

Pines Cemetery
South Pines Cemetery
Woodlawn Cemetery
Greeenwood Memorial Terrace
Riverside Memorial Park
Fairmount Memorial Park
Spokane Memorial Park
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