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Patsy Clark: Mining Magnate

Updated: May 14, 2019

Patrick "Patsy" Clark

Mining Magnate


Patrick ‘Patsy’ Clark made his riches as a successful miner. After the Great Fire of Spokane in 1889 burned his mansion and several other homes, Patsy hired architect Kirtland Cutter to design an even better one. Cutter was sent abroad to gather not only inspiration but furnishings for the 12,000 sq. foot home. The new mansion was completed in 1898.

Today, the mansion is owned by a law firm that has restored the building to its former glory. The 2nd and 3rd stories house law offices while the main floor is available to rent for privately catered events. The mansion located at 2208 W. Second Avenue in the Historic Browne’s Addition of Spokane Washington was place on the National Historic Register in 1975.

To learn more about Patsy Clark's mining years visit The Republic Mining District.


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